Yes. That IS a picture of Tom Berenger punching William Forsythe in the balls.

Why? Maybe you should watch The Substitute on Netflix Watch Instantly to find out.

No. I didn’t find that picture on the internet, I had to watch it on my computer and take screenshots. Here is another one.

You won’t be disappointed. It has everything a 13 year old would want in a movie:

Silenced machine guns

Badass hero

Gun fights in a school

Evil drug dealing principal


Farts leading to shits

Ragtag group of Vietnam mercenaries

Good guys being good guys

Bad guys being bad guys

Extremely awkward yet totally PG sex scene


Tom Berenger

Luis Guzman

That guy that kind of looks like Doug E. Doug

Guys repeatedly being thrown out of windows. Not, guys being thrown out of windows throughout the course of the movie, guys being repeatedly thrown out of the same window, like one after another, like 5- 6 guys get thrown out of the same third story library window back to back to back to back to back.




Seriously, it’s sunday afternoon, tomorrow you have to go back to work; sit down and treat yourself to something nice.