Lexus Executive: We pay you guys top-dollar to sell our cars. We’re not leaving this board room until one of you come up with a useable idea to sell this new RX.

12-year-old: I’ve got an idea.

Lexus Executive: Alright big guy, shoot.

12-year-old: Ok, well, the commercial will start with the car just sitting on the ground…

Lexus Executive: Boring.

12-year-old:  …but, then, it starts being lifted off the ground, by, like, giant cables and trophies that say, like, “Most Awesome Car,” or “Strongest Car,” and there are robot sounds like, PPFFFFRRRRTTTTT CHK CHK CHK PPFFFRRRRRRR, the cables are making the robot sounds when they lift the car up…

Lexus Executive: Sounds awesome.

12-year-old: …and then lasers come out of the wa…

Lexus Executive: Wait a minute, are the trophies lifting the car up because there are so many of them? Like a counter balance scale?

12-year-old: What?

Lexus Executive: Never mind, keep going.

12-year-old: So, these lasers come out of the wall, and are like, BRRZZZZZZZ, and they cut through the cables and the car falls down, and the trophies go EVERYWHERE.

Lexus Executive: …


Board Room:…

Lexus Executive:…and then what?

12-year-old: Um, well, then the car starts driving, no, wait, at the beginning when the car was lifted in the air it was like spinning its tires, like, “LET ME OUTTA HERE! PUT ME DOWN!” And THEN the lasers cut it down. So, then it starts driving all over the room and around the trophies and there are flashing lights on the walls and then the car is like SCCREEEEECHHHHH and the car stops right in front of the camera and all the trophies hit the ground because the car was driving so fast that it was like the trophies were falling in slow motion.

Lexus Executive: You guys get all that?